At Stearns, our mission statement is simple: “We Can Help You!®”. Our people bring this mission to life every day by creating a culture to provide the best broker experience with the tools, robust product mix, and outstanding service that delivers the results clients are looking for.


Stearns is a Powerhouse of People, Products and Support

Stearns is a company managed by people who have originated loans themselves. They understand your challenges and know exactly what it takes to be successful. As a privately held company with a flat organization structure, Stearns believes in transparency and access to interact with our entire leadership team on our bi-monthly all hands calls.

“I have been an AE with Stearns for just over 5 years. The people I work with have been the highlight of my career at this company.

Stearns is synonymous with quality and performance. I have an amazing company backing me up on a daily basis. Corporate and Management give us multiple platforms to voice our opinions and convey our ideas. They encourage and welcome this. We also receive training and support on an ongoing basis. Stearns is a nationally recognized industry-leading company. I'm proud to work for Stearns for these reasons, but I am mostly proud because Stearns cares about its people and is committed to our success. I am truly honored to be part of this organization. I work for the best in the business.”


Account Executive

“We have had tremendous growth

in the time I have been with this company but it still has a small company feel, where you feel like your voice matters, your contribution counts.”


Account Executive