Comprised of former Mortgage Loan Originators and industry experts,
our leaders understand the importance of closing a loan on time.
They share a commitment to provide you with the support necessary to safeguard and develop your customer and referral partner relationships.

Glenn Stearns


David Schneider


James Hecht

Chief Operating Officer, Executive Managing Director

Uday Devalla

Chief Information Officer, Senior Managing Director

Michelle Greenstreet

Chief Administrative Officer, Senior Managing Director

Steve Smith

Chief Financial Officer, Senior Managing Director

Allyson Knudsen

Chief Risk Officer

Tom Noto

Chief Legal Officer, Senior Managing Director

Tony Taveekanjana

EVP, National Head of Retail

Jonathan Engler

Divisional VP Western States

Jim Linnane

Divisional VP Central and Midwest States

John Goulding

Divisional VP Eastern States

Michael Iorio

Retail VP Northern and Central California

Mark C. Stevens

Regional VP Midwest Region

Brad Kolstad

Retail VP North Central

Shaun Patrickus

Retail VP Illinois and Missouri

Joe Tako

Retail VP Southern California

Keith Frachiseur

Retail VP Pacific Northwest

Kelley Tyrell

Retail VP Northeast

Kevin Dilday

Retail VP Carolinas

Stan Schnippel

Retail VP Mid Atlantic

Susan Walker

Regional VP Southwest

Drew Lindblad

Regional VP Southwest